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Jilted Coquette REVIEW!

Well. It's review-time! And Jilted Coquette is on the list to day!
Jilted Coquette is an Etsy-based webshop filled with handmade lolita-esque (and other styles) goods, mainly jewellery. Sweets, fancy classic things and lovely gothic stuffs! I purchased a red and white cameo necklace.

Shop-link: Jilted Coquette on Etsy
Product-link: Handmade Alice Red and White Rabbit Cameo Necklace
Facebook-page: Jilted Coquette on FB!
Feedback-page: Here!

Do check out the FB-page! Great deals, give-aways and news about the shop is there :D

Short time-line:
Feb. 27 - Purchased the product.
(Unknown) Just some days later anyways - Got a confirmation email that the item was shipped!
Mars 9 - Got the product in my mailbox

Was great! Fast and secure.

Now, onto what happened when I got it!

Well. On the 9th of March, my birthday it arrived in my mailbox! The necklace's meant as as a birthday present for me. But we didn't except it to come on my birthday. But! It came on my freakin birthday! That's just amazing xD I was so excited, and ran in to the house laughing and flying around in white flyffy clouds. Just look at that violet! It's me :D
Very, very, veryyyyyy well done! Secure and super-fancy!

When you opened the bow this fancy thing was in! A plastic bag with hearts on. In the plastic bag was lots of red paper, and a cute letter! :D

And for the letter! A lovely real seal with a rose-stamp! That's so lovely :D

When you opened the plastic bag and the red paper this was in! OMG. An absolutely adorable presentpaper-wrapped thingie! The present-paper has lovely flower print and it's shiny *_* And the huge flower-ribbon thingie! I really felt like I was in heaven, and so special :3 The package was very neatly and smart folded. And was taped by double-tape! I said to my mum that "My other birthday gifts can throw 'em self in the wall as for packaging/wrapping (and content)!"

I carefully opened up the present. And there was a hard cardboard box securely taped. I opened it. And yayness! My necklace, and the free gift !! If I was in heaved before, I've must been by Mars now! I was totally blown away! The goods where between two soft rectangular "pads". And the samll parts wrapped in red paper.

TE BUNNEH. Yes. It's kick-ass. Sparkly, fancy and so loooooovely :D The rabbit is her own original artwork and the wine-red "frame" has four iridescent Swarovski crystal accents. It's even more beautiful in IRL. But the photos on the product-page is very true. The quality is good and the colours very neat.

The heart-fruit and pearl thingie. It's meant to be "under"/"after" the rabbit cameo. See here.
Really cute. The pearl is okay quality too. My only "complaint" (it isn't really a complaint xD). But the little ring the pearl and heart is attached to doesn't feel so secure to put on. It could work indeed, but it fell of even after we secured it. So mum's going to change that out to another easily. She's working with silver-jewellery-something on a course so yep.

The chain. I really like the chain, good quality and neat. Here's my second and last "complaint". The long shaped thingie to the left is supposed to be attached to the rabbit cameo. It's hard to describe it. But it doesn't close fully. Yes, you could use that. But I'm a girl who runs around and I don't want to loose the beauty so I'll jsut re-place the lock with a normal one simply :) And the Jilted Coquette ribbon looked so professional!

The free gift! Very cute! A glittery cookie-ish heart with "Jilted Coquette" all over it. With a cute pearl and a heart-lock attached to it. I also really love the cute ribbon bow. This'll definitely be on my bag/used as a necklace or something! Really sweet gift!

The card and businesses-card. Both are hand-written. The cards is really pretty in looks too! The note in the little card was soo sweet! I was in tears.. She wished me a happy birthday and that all my birthday-wishes will come true ♥! Oh lord that's so kind! On the business-card I got a 10% off coupon code on my next order! That's so nice :D

Conclusion: I'm overly happy with everything, service, packaging, note, product, etc. I'd definitely recommend Jilted Coquette to anyone! It was the best birthday present I got, and the best wrapped one, and the sweetest one!

So please go and check out Jilted Coquette's shop and Facebook! I'm sure you'll find something you love there.



I'm sick, but it doesn't matter. Because I can't stop smiling :D
Now I'm 14 uears old, oh my!

I'm stressed out, pressed and tired. But'll show you some awesome gift I got in Lolita-way.

Criss-cross over-knee socks från Innocent World! I love them to death. They're just so cute :3


An IW tote-bag! With glimmering and sparkling forest animal print. Rabbit :D


GLB vol 38 :D


And probably the best thing! A totally mind-blowing necklace from Jilted Coquette. It was in my mailbox! What a timing! It was meant as a b-day gift but unknown arrival date. And it arrives at my b-day! And gosh it's lovely. She's such a sweetie :D And the free gift was cute too :3 I'll write a review ASAP!

I was totally OMG!OMG! *goes high over heels and jumps on fluffy clouds*


Take care!

What's Lolita fashion?

Mana, fashion icon and owner of Moi-Meme-Moitie. He wears "Divine Cross".

So what the heck is Lolita fashion, you may ask. Here's the answer.
Lolita fashion is a street fashion from Japan. Inspired by the Rococo and Victorian era, as well as the 50's. The silhouette is probably the most important thing in Lolita. The fitted bodice, and a knee-length (can also be tea-part length - around mid-calves) skirt that flares out at the waist or under the bust. Lace, ruffles and prints are common in Lolita.

The fashion has nothing to do with Vladimir Nabokov's book. Lolita fashion is more the opposite, elegant, modest rather than sexy and skanky.

There are different sub-styles of the fashion such as:
Sweet Lolita - Sweet! Often very OverTheTop with sugary bunnies and cakes all over the place!
Classic Lolita - Stylish, elegant and refined. Flower prints, elegant deep jewel tones are commonly used.
Gothic Lolita - Black, deep jewel tones, gates, crucifixes and oh my!
And much more, this is just the 3 big styles.

Learn more about the fashion, styles, tips and shopping ideas here: Great information about anything and everything Lolita! The largest Lolita community in the world Stock photos, ideas and shopping guides Swedish Lolita forum Lovely international forum

My upcoming birthday, blog updates & more!

Hello, dear ruffle butts! Sorry for the poor updating here. I've been stressed out with school and other personal stuff. Today, I'm sick. My brother and mum was ill last week, and now I have the same disease T__T

Anyhow, I thought I'd just give a little small update on what's upcoming!
First off, next week on the 9th of March is my 14th birthday. :D
For my birthday we ordered some lolita stuffs. Sadly, I bet non of them will arrive for that date. Including:

- Malco Modes 582 petticoat, from Candy Violet - Vivcore where it's named "Fluffy Petticoat". Yep, the oh-so famous chiffon petti!

- Some goods from Innocent World. Sadly, we pay for a beautiful JSK that was one sale, but it sold out, same with the OP model of the print :(

- Necklace from the lovely Jilted Coquette . An Etsy based shops filled with Lolita accessories and much more. I'm super-excited about this! We ordered a gorgeous rabbit cameo necklace *_*

And that's about some rori goodies. Now onto the blog!

This weekend I'm planning to set-up a "Lolita?" page with just quick information about the fashion and some various links. And maybe a "contact" page. More little changes will also pop-up!

Some teasing about upcoming entries:

- Lolita Sewing 101.

- The second part of "Being a young Lolita" -series. Check out the first one here.

- Some sewing projects I haven't showed.

- As fast when the petti and the necklace arrive I'll write reviews of them!

Have a great day and I'll see you next time. :D

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