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Who am I? - A young rufflebutts answers

Hello! I'm the owner of this fancy Lolita-blog. Surprise? :D
Anyway, instead of babbling a lot, let's get down to the basics. So here we go!

A drawed version of me.
Name: Viola (Pronounced Veola in English), alias on the web is Nors.
Age: 13, soon 14. And yes, I know but there's no need to go bananas, my fellow rufflebutt!
Country: Sweden! You know, ABBA, H&M, IKEA, Dala horses, and meatballs?
Living in..: A house on the countryside Yeehaa!
Occupation: School, what did you think?
Interests: Drawing, web design/development (Guess who designed and coded this site?), the Lolita fashion, rabbits, running and creating Custom Content for The Sims 2 & 3.
Why did you start this blog? It's all 'bout rori. I started this blog so I could share all my tips, ensembles (Coordinations), guides and just keep track on my process as a growing Lolita.
Preferred style of Lolita: Mostly Classic, a little gothic, vintage-retro and Country.

A little basic information about me! Yay. I hope to write more on this post soon.

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Posted by: :''3

Nice! ^^

2011-02-05 @ 18:11:01
Posted by: Lee-Li on kpw

Nice! Jag gillar Lolita, följer denna blogg :D

2011-02-12 @ 18:12:22
Posted by: T O M I K O

Du är ju lika gammal som mej! ;o

2011-04-10 @ 18:34:54
Posted by: Nors, aka Viola

Tomiko: Haha ja :D

2011-04-10 @ 18:55:23

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