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Being a Young Lolita pt1 - Parents

Dressing in Lolita isn't always easy, to small/big clothes, no time to wear it, expensive and so on. But for a young Lolita, everything seems to be a little harder at the first glance. But when you've “defeated” the problems – it's very rewarding. The reward is simply expressing your self in those frills, with out being scared of parents, friends and sizes. Those problems will pop-up sometimes, and there isn't always a fix.

But in this serie I will talk about tips and ideas how to defeat those problems.

Everyone are more than welcome to read this, but the target is the young ones.


So in this very first post in this serie, “Being a Young Lolita” the subject is the feared one, the loved one, - Parents. For a young girl/boy who wants to start dressing in frills, parents is a key factor. They (or he/she) are responsible for you, money and so on. And convincing your parents to let you wear Lolita isn't always easy.

Don't show OTT-coords at first! Take it step by step instead.

Don't show OTT-pictures when you first introduce lolita. Take it step by step, instead!
  • Tell them. In some way you must. If you don't have the courage to speak with them face to face, calling, texting or even e-mailing can be great options. I texted my mother actually , I'm very shy and can't stand do it face to face!

  • If you're scared about that they know Lolita as the “other Lolita”, say it's “a street-fashion from Japan”. Or simply ask them “Does the term Lolita says something to you?” before you tell them. If they say something like “Not really, I think it's a  cheese from France” you're good to go. Or if they say something about the book, either say “a street-fashion from Japan” or “That the Lolita-fashion is a fashion from Japan which is about dressing modesty and cute, and...”

  • Show them pictures – but not the OTT (Over The Top) coords first. Take it step by step. Think as if you were in their roll. Wouldn't you be chocked or maybe terrified at first if your daughter showed you a full blown AP coord, or something? Start out with simple and casual ones, then go fancier and fancier!

  • Don't crave them to buy that brand new 27,090 ¥ dress from *insert brand name*. Because that'd be kind of ridiculous. If you want a special print, or brand item, look at the egl_comm_sales or when the brand has sale.

  • If they don't let you wear Lolita. Ask them why. If they don't think you can wear skirts so often, or even use a rori garment -prove it! From now on, wear skirts often, put that bow on, lady!


Last, but not least. Be true to them. Involve them in the fashion! Show them brand/non brand sites, information sites (Such as


Have a great time, and remember that parents can be a pain sometimes! And the next part of this series is Buying & Making – so it fits you.


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