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My upcoming birthday, blog updates & more!

Hello, dear ruffle butts! Sorry for the poor updating here. I've been stressed out with school and other personal stuff. Today, I'm sick. My brother and mum was ill last week, and now I have the same disease T__T

Anyhow, I thought I'd just give a little small update on what's upcoming!
First off, next week on the 9th of March is my 14th birthday. :D
For my birthday we ordered some lolita stuffs. Sadly, I bet non of them will arrive for that date. Including:

- Malco Modes 582 petticoat, from Candy Violet - Vivcore where it's named "Fluffy Petticoat". Yep, the oh-so famous chiffon petti!

- Some goods from Innocent World. Sadly, we pay for a beautiful JSK that was one sale, but it sold out, same with the OP model of the print :(

- Necklace from the lovely Jilted Coquette . An Etsy based shops filled with Lolita accessories and much more. I'm super-excited about this! We ordered a gorgeous rabbit cameo necklace *_*

And that's about some rori goodies. Now onto the blog!

This weekend I'm planning to set-up a "Lolita?" page with just quick information about the fashion and some various links. And maybe a "contact" page. More little changes will also pop-up!

Some teasing about upcoming entries:

- Lolita Sewing 101.

- The second part of "Being a young Lolita" -series. Check out the first one here.

- Some sewing projects I haven't showed.

- As fast when the petti and the necklace arrive I'll write reviews of them!

Have a great day and I'll see you next time. :D

Posted by: Kokorochan

svar: haha eller hur :D det är alltid så roligt att få paket :3 <3



2011-03-06 @ 16:08:55

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