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New pretty second-hand finds!

Hello ruffles! I hope you have a great weekend, and a lot of time to lolita :D
Today I thought I'd share my new second-hand finds. I've been at "Erikshjälpen" (The Erik's Help in English) and "Myrorna" (The Ants) which is pretty much second-hand shops. Where you can find anything and everything. I was on Erikshjälpen a week ago or so, and yesterday was on Myrornas gigantic shop in Malmö.

So here's the goodies I found:

5 things I found.

Detail pic of the blouse. See the little dots?
  1. H&M transparent dotted blouse. Pure awesomeness! Of coerce you need to wear something under or over it, because it's all see-through. You can tie a neat bow at the collar too, how rori isn't that? This will deferentially be a blouse under my JSK's, or paired with a top under it and a skirt. It can even be a summery and funky bolero! I'm really happy with this one, lol. It just makes me happy to see it -odd, funky and funny. Love to H&M! Found at Myorna.
  2. Red glossy shoulder bag.  Oh, red! Not much to say more than it's so lovely. I'm a  big fan of colourful things, and this prettiness caught my eyes directly. Also from Myrorna!
  3. Off-white turtle-neck shirt. I've been searching for a turtle-neck shirt in off-white for a long time. So I'm very glad I found it. Turtle-neck is perfect for wearing under a JSK, or over a blouse with a skirt. And I really love how it looks with JSKs! Found at Erikshjälpen.
  4. Off-white v-neck t-shirt. More off-whiteness! Just a plain t-shirt. Perfect for loli-fy it to a nice cut-sew. Maybe some nice lace, or a ruffle? Myrorna.
  5. Flower brooch. A pretty, romantic and classic brooch with swirls and a flower. Nice as a classic accessory, I guess. I also found this at Myrornas. See the picture below to actually see it xD

The pretty brooch.

So, what do you think of second-hand? Thrifting? What's your best second-hand find?
Never forget that second-hand is great for finding cheap, unique and nice things!

Posted by: Lee-Li on kpwebben

Sometimes I think second hand is the best in the world! But sometimes not, in Lund its not the best second hand (Eriks hjälpen...). I think its little weird filing you got when you have secind hand, that someone have it before. But second hand its really great to! I really must go to Erikhjälpen tommorow or some other day...

2011-02-13 @ 16:00:02
Posted by: Riechan

Lovely blog you have :)

I'd love to follow you ^^

2011-02-13 @ 20:07:58
Posted by: Nors, aka Viola

Riechan: Thank you so mcuh :D

Lee-Li: I really like it! It's full of uniqueness (lol) :3

2011-02-13 @ 20:10:22
Posted by: Strawbewie

Your so lucky!! :D the second hand stores in the US are not very loli to my taste! I always have to customize them!!

2011-03-24 @ 17:57:10

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