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What's Lolita fashion?

Mana, fashion icon and owner of Moi-Meme-Moitie. He wears "Divine Cross".

So what the heck is Lolita fashion, you may ask. Here's the answer.
Lolita fashion is a street fashion from Japan. Inspired by the Rococo and Victorian era, as well as the 50's. The silhouette is probably the most important thing in Lolita. The fitted bodice, and a knee-length (can also be tea-part length - around mid-calves) skirt that flares out at the waist or under the bust. Lace, ruffles and prints are common in Lolita.

The fashion has nothing to do with Vladimir Nabokov's book. Lolita fashion is more the opposite, elegant, modest rather than sexy and skanky.

There are different sub-styles of the fashion such as:
Sweet Lolita - Sweet! Often very OverTheTop with sugary bunnies and cakes all over the place!
Classic Lolita - Stylish, elegant and refined. Flower prints, elegant deep jewel tones are commonly used.
Gothic Lolita - Black, deep jewel tones, gates, crucifixes and oh my!
And much more, this is just the 3 big styles.

Learn more about the fashion, styles, tips and shopping ideas here: Great information about anything and everything Lolita! The largest Lolita community in the world Stock photos, ideas and shopping guides Swedish Lolita forum Lovely international forum


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