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Mainstream Fashion goes frilly - this season!


Yep, this spring. The hot trend on the runway and in the spring collection is frilly! Or, more vintage-inspired, to say. Ruffles, lace and bows are all over the place! And ofc, this should all Lolitas know (Because, most of us enjoy frilly things). Not just that mainstream fashion shops such as H&M are awesome for Lolita, but this season it'll be even better!


So, I figured out that I'd share some frilly finds from my favourite mainstream shop The Oh-so-epic H&M! But, I suggest you to go out to whatever high fashion shop you like and hunt down some frills. It's great time for this now, the shops are starting to release their spring collections.


Well. Let's get started with the H&M goodies! If you click on the picture of the garment you'll be taken to the Swedish product page. So if you're not in Sweden, just go ahead and change the language.


Tanktop/cami-top with cute lace on the neckline.
Lovely with a skirt for a summery and cute look. Loads of colours available!

A adorable top with super-cute bows around the neckline.
Would work best with a skirt, or maybe a under-bust JSK? In a good variety of colours too.

Lovely cardigan. I own this myself, and the ruffles are just sooo pretty!
Just comes in some colours, sadly.

A neat top with lacy ruffles around the shoulders. Would be pretty with a JSK or a skirt.
Comes in a variety of colours such as black, white, light blue too.

A sailor and "on a beach in Paris" -esque top. This would be perfect for a sailor ensemble or a chic one!
Comes in a variety of colours, but the navy blue is probably essential for sailor lolita.

A lacy, ruffly and romantic loose fitting blouse. Because of the loose fitting,
it's probably better for a Dolly or Mori -kei esque ensemble. It comes in white as well.

Those are just some of the frilly things at H&M. Some of the tops are quite long, and would be even more perfect if you just cut the bottom. Also most of them have a deep neck line, and it's probably to much cleavage for Lolita. But, if you wear something over or under to hide it, your good to go. Maybe even sew a panel?

Another trend in the high-street shops that many Lolitas enjoy is Cameos! Cameo ring, earrings, necklaces, and brooches.

A pair of cameo-earrings I transformed to brooches and a necklace.
Found at Lindex a while ago.


Conclusion: Vintage-y with frills, lace, ruffles and the whole romantic look is THE trend in mainstream fashion this Spring! And that cameos also are popular. So go out and hunt down your favourites now.

Do you have any faves? Frilly finds? Lolita-esque trends in high fashion (mainstream)?

Until next time, have a great day and never underestimate high-street shops such as H&M in Lolita way!

Posted by: Lee-Li

Well, now I have to run to a shop and buy some clothes 8D

2011-02-22 @ 16:56:15
Posted by: writing services

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