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I'm sick, but it doesn't matter. Because I can't stop smiling :D
Now I'm 14 uears old, oh my!

I'm stressed out, pressed and tired. But'll show you some awesome gift I got in Lolita-way.

Criss-cross over-knee socks från Innocent World! I love them to death. They're just so cute :3


An IW tote-bag! With glimmering and sparkling forest animal print. Rabbit :D


GLB vol 38 :D


And probably the best thing! A totally mind-blowing necklace from Jilted Coquette. It was in my mailbox! What a timing! It was meant as a b-day gift but unknown arrival date. And it arrives at my b-day! And gosh it's lovely. She's such a sweetie :D And the free gift was cute too :3 I'll write a review ASAP!

I was totally OMG!OMG! *goes high over heels and jumps on fluffy clouds*


Take care!

Posted by: Lee

Happy birthday! F;rl[t att det 'r f;r sent.... Men men...

2011-03-10 @ 18:23:16
Posted by: Strawbewie

Ack! So jealous! Such lovely items!!

2011-03-24 @ 17:54:14
Posted by: Nors, aka Viola

Strawbewie: Thanks! I love them to death to xD

2011-03-24 @ 18:04:05
Posted by: business plan

You created a good presents to your friends. It's amazing.

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